Coldplay, Wembley, London, June 19th 2016!

It’s always the best time for me to write when sitting on plane! Yes, we are in June and the UK Summer is not allowing us to take off due to bad weather! Thank god I’m heading somewhere warm and sunny, Mรกlaga, home. For those of you that don’t know Im born Spanish but mum is English so I’m 50/50!

Anyway, on to today’s post. Should have been New York I know, but last night I went to my first ever ColdPlay concert, after having wanted to go for years and never been able to get tickets we were finally going to Wembley to support old Chris and the gang! (Like buddies we are!)

And what an experience! Having been to a few bigger artists concerts like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kylie (yup, all the best pop-tack!) I didn’t really know what to expect from a band doing such a huge venue that weren’t going to have dancers or anything, of course not that they needed it as the music sells itself! 

But first, a pub lunch and a few pints of course! The company? Only the best! The boy and some of my best friends from Uni, all major Coldplay addicts!

On to the event…

THE most colourful concert I’ve ever been to! The “A head full of dreams” tour really is a dreamy event with colourful light-up wrist bands that flash in time with the music, and change colour with the mood of the song, coloured confetti, large yoga-ball sized balloons, 3 different stages, and hits such as “Yellow”,”Clocks”,”The Scientist”, “Fix you”, “Princess of China” and so Many more! 2 hours of absolute fun that have left me aching today!

70 thousand people, and a LOT of umbrellas! Luckily enough we were undercover, but all the standing audience and of course band and crew did get a little wet! To the point that even one of the guitars broke!!

The pictures get darker as we go along, and therefore, better! My old Nikon didn’t capture night time photos very well, but the new fella Fujifilm snaps those darkies up a charm!

“And it was all Yellow…”


An incredible “Adventure of a lifetime” in the words of Coldplay.

Ship Ahoy!! It’s the Caribbean!

So when your currently sitting in Hairdresser waiting for your Babylights to take it’s always a good time to do some writing!

So, todays topic, cruising. I am lucky enough to have a performing older brother who happens to have bagged a contract on board Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas playing Sam in MAMMA MIA. So when us family members are allowed to join for a silly price, it’s like a no brainer.


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Getting timeย to do some blogging is quite difficult, then I end up going on to my camera and realizing I have millions of old photos that I need to share with the world!

I’m not one for making future plans, so when it comes to last-minute plans I’m the queen!! You don’t always get the deals but it’s also exiting to decide to do something the day before.

This time, Oxford it was.

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Acropolicious Athens day 2!

Even though it was about weeks agonow, still hadn’t got round to carrying this one on! But so much more to see and explore!

Great, so near the hotel (hotel fresh, Athens) found a good area FULL of the best cocktail bars, restaurants, I’m afraid the names in Greece are a bit mad and can’t even remember what it is called now! oh well it will come to me… have a look!

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Hadn’t got round to this, busy time of year with work and also lots going on, but time to reminisce and show you a part of Greece. At the end June went over on the nearly 4 hour flight to mainland Greece first, Athens, and then to Chania in Crete.

Photographic Summary and what I got up to in Athens!

Very early flight, had to get taxi from Brighton I think it was something like 3 am!! Oh dear, anyway. After long tube ride to city centre from Hotel (allow at least 50 minutes!) Charged into getting some grub, was much past lunch time when this happened and it’s always grab first thing you see on day 1!

This is what we were presented! Actually most people were sitting and eating this. Souvlaki. Not like the greasy after-hours kebab that we all know too well and wish we hadn’t eaten! Kebabs and Souvlakis in Greece are another story!


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